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Some lively Minions visited us on Fete Day! They played, danced and entertained the crowd as well as posing for photos.





The Oatlands Junior School Council has been hard at work over the past few weeks! We decided to make improvements to the gardens around the Grade 3/4 portables, which were looking a bit lifeless. We wrote to Bunnings at Fountain Gate who happily agreed to donate some plants for our project. Roya and James visited Bunnings at lunchtime with Mrs Nicholas and we met Karlea who helped us choose plants, compost and some watering cans. We then spent some time digging, composting, planting and watering our new garden. Doesn’t it look wonderful? 

A huge thank you to Bunnings for helping us to make our school grounds look even better!




Two very special visitors attended our school assembly this morning – Vivian and Warrina. Vivian is a volunteer from Guide Dogs Victoria and Warrina is a retired guide dog. Vivian spoke to us about how guide dogs are trained and how much money they must raise each year to do this. JSC members proudly presented Vivian with a cheque for $646.70 which was raised on "Weird and Wacky Accessories Day."

gudie1.jpg gudie2.jpg


The Oatlands PS Junior School Council provides students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and have an input into their school. Students from Year 3 to Year 5 are elected by their peers. The School Captains, from Grade 6, also form part of the JSC. The Junior School Council meets regularly throughout the year and is chaired by a classroom teacher, with input from the students themselves.

Responsibilities of our JSC members include;

  • Performing a range of fundraising and awareness activities for both the school and various charities, including an annual fundraiser for Guide Dogs Victoria.
  • Consulting with their grade level and raising items for discussion at JSC meetings.
  • Providing feedback to their grade level about issues discussed and decisions made at each JSC meeting.
  • Presenting JSC meeting minutes at the monthly School Council meeting.
  • Making suggestions and/or undertaking minor improvements to school facilities or grounds
  • Assisting School Leaders as required, for instance on Fete Day or whole school events.


Oatlands PS Junior School Council members for 2015 are:

Grade 3 Africa Matusik and Ebaad Syed
Grade 4 Josh Carns, Jess Halmos, James Rowe, Charlotte Coad
Grade 5 Roya Qayum and Omid Fazli
School Captains Baron Grant and Esha Vashisht

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