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Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Fri 4th – Healesville Sanctuary Excursion(Grade 1)
  • Wed 9th – Lightning Premiership (Grade 6)
  • Thu 10th – Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Thu 17th – Ten Pin Bowling (Grade 3)
  • Mon 21st to Fri 25th – Bike Ed. (Grade 5)
  • Mon 28th to Tue 29th – Graduation Bear Making (Grade 6)
  • Thu 8th - OPS Annual School Production
  • Wed 14th - Last Day Canteen
  • Mon 19th - Last Day of School 1.30 Finish
  • Tue 20th December - Student Free Day

Term Dates

  • Term 1: Friday 29 January to Thursday 24 March
  • Term 2: Monday 11 April, 2016 to Friday 24 June
  • Term 3: Monday 11 July, 2016 to Friday 16 September
  • Term 4: Monday 3 October to Tuesday 20 December

Our Term 4 will be another busy term at Oatlands Primary School, providing a great chance for students to work towards, attain and extend their learning, as well as participating in a range of extra-curricular activities.

Oatlands Primary School is accepting enrolments two and a half years prior to children starting, which means we are now taking enrolments for 2018 and 2019. If you would like to have a school tour, please call the office and book a time.

Our Pre-prep program Leap into Learning is in full swing. It has been great to see how our 2017 prep students have developed in their school readiness. This is a big term also for our grade 6 students, who are getting close to the end of their primary schooling at Oatlands Primary School. Our grade 6 students have shown a lot of leadership across our school this year. This term these students will have a range of activities, which culminate in the Grade 6 Graduation.

carving.jpg Over the school holidays the tree stump at the front of our school was carved into a cockatoo, koala and possum by chainsaw wood artist Brandon Kroon. These carvings are now a feature in our Prep Playground and will further enhance this great area.

We also have a range of extra-curricular activities this term, which include Division Athletics, Health and Physical Education Week, Chesterfield Farm Excursion (Prep), Maths Day (Prep and Grade 1), Healesville Sanctuary (Grade 1), Summer Lightning Premiership (Grade 6), Maths Games Night (Prep to Grade 2), cinema excursion (Grade 5), Remembrance Day Ceremony, Tabloid Sports (Grade 3), School Production (dance), Graduation Bear Making (Grade 6), O-Factor (Grade 5), Bike Education (Grade 5), Ten Pin Bowling Excursion (Grade 3) and the Thinking Outside the Box extension program (Grade 2).

Wes Holloway

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